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“Blessed Be The Chic”

Good day creatures of supreme beauty! How glorious of you to type all the way over here for a visit. I am much obliged. I have a number of monumental revelations to share so let’s permit no further delay! First, a new word that needs to be added to the […]

Always Kiss your Ma!

All sorts of fun on the docket today! Let’s, for the most part, ignore the World being on fire and take a few moments to reconnect with a more base reality. Me complaining about my best friend. 🙂 First though, a delectable factoid I ran across yesterday. I was reading […]

“Sorting Cat(herine)”

I must say, I’m starting to feel a bit like the Sorting Hat, delivering warnings in the form of rhyme. Granted I’ve nowhere near the prestige of such an auspicious artifact. One day I hope to have even greater ambitions than matching the charisma of a fictional accessory. Today’s “warning” […]

Adventurous Spirit(s)

Apologies, first of all, for my unplanned absence yesterday. I wrote a few mediocre poems but just wasn’t in the mood to string many words together otherwise. Alas, another beautifully scorching day. Had I any eggs it’s quite likely I could cook them upon a multitude of outdoor surfaces. This […]

What did he just (Tecum)say?

I wanted first to touch on the fact that I’ve been making jokes for years about how in 1814 Canadians (really Mother England at this point) burned down the White House and most of the rest of Washington. Sorry aboot that… You’re probably however, good moving forward. It seems doubtful […]