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Happy Midterm Elections Day to all my stateside chums and other interested stakeholders and bystanders. The first true referendum on the condition of democracy since the flummoxing it took a couple of years ago. You are in my thoughts, friends. I pray for a more considered result. A couple of […]

Nous Nous Appelons Les Squelettes

Happy Halloween, dancing skeletons and others. Then again, what’s the spookiness of All Hallow’s compared to the visceral terror that is the monotonous tedium of your day-to-day? Point of order, all your life you’re trained never to take candy from strangers, until October 31 when it becomes a race to […]

Dances With Werewolves

A subject we touched on briefly the other day deserves a more through examination. What was originally intended as a cheap quip, “never meet… or extensively research… your heroes”, ended up being rather alluring. Especially topical given the uproar South of the border about the removal of Confederate statues or […]

Harleyquinn Romances

I’m enjoying a brief sojourn to the island of returning back pain but in said interim at least I have a chance to slap down some passably tolerable witticisms. Big-time shout out to the G-Man for the donation! Long-distance man-hug! A couple of hours less I’ll need to work and […]

The Fault In Our Scars

Three days in a row? What, are you casually abusing Adderall again? Nah, not since first year anyway, things just seem to be going unusually well for me at the moment and happy writing is especially satisfying. Do not fret however, I am certain there is a Great White Shark […]