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Day #2, How do you do?

Hello again virtual peoples! First of all thank you so much to everyone who’s provided feedback so far. Your comments are of great worth to me. Secondly, for those curious of small discrepancies, it is technically Day 2 as I first posted the earlier submission yesterday. BUT I made my cliche Facebook announcement earlier and wasn’t thrilled with the original formatting so threw up a new copy. Cool story, I know.

Moving on, from my time as youth I always most enjoyed a particular flavor of novel. Something about Heroic Fantasy always appealed to me. You can have morally flawless characters in fiction that could never exist in the real world and the genre has an affinity for them. True love, noble intentions and unbound by the inconvenience of science or reality. I picked up the morally bankrupt quality of society en masse fairly soon in life. The Utopian universes crafted by some of my literary heroes showed a World as it could be but never will. My cynicism has run deep over the years however these days I choose not to concern myself over such matters and aspire to focus instead on whatever positivity I can muster for those poor retches stuck playing the game.

The above paragraph is a professional grade digression! The only point I had planned on making before my intrepid babbling is that from time to time the imagery of the poems takes on kind of a medieval(?) quality. That’s not really the right word but no matter. This is a much more recent addition to my portfolio,  written January 20 of the current year. I’m not huge on titles but occasionally it happens. This one is, “The Lottery”, enjoy!

A soul within a tightened fist

Lovers held in silent tryst

Mortal coil to shuffle on

Lines of love and battle drawn

Silver doors and fine gold wire

Craft eternal torments’ ire

No need is there ever to halt

Independent’s fate of fault.

I honestly don’t recall what prompted this piece. I do remember having deciding that what I was describing was some bizarre fictional existence before you are born where you have zero clue what the outcome will be. Joyous affluence or extreme poverty. You neither earn nor disqualify yourself from either by your own (yet to exist) actions. Completely Random. Why I think The Lottery when I read it.

As an aside, my apologies should you be a believer in multiple lives. Please assume I am an ignorant heathen.

That’s all for me folks. Thanks for finding your way to end of my esteemed drivel. If you found it’s difficult to read, well damn you should try writing it! Go do something that makes you smile.

-Alex Blaikie


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