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Happy Friday!

Good evening all, I hope to find everyone absurdly well! I wanted to start tonight by briefly saying a few words about my fantastic furry companion, the noble Catherine the Great. An electric, fluffy, occasional horror, she is essentially my familiar. Point being, as a demi-border collie I have the pleasure of taking her on many, MANY walks throughout our days. Along these intrepid marches between admonishing her for chasing squirrels and berating the attempts to devour the excrement of various species I sometimes have a moment to take some things in. Warm woolen mittens notwithstanding, they are some of my absolute favorite things indeed. Peculiarly shaped clouds, laughing kids playing sports, other dogs and their harassed looking owners. The smell of a breeze or the sounds of the leaves as they dance within in. Every second provides a microscopic glimpse of the point of it all. All of which provide delectable inspiration for all sorts of writing. You need to get inspiration from somewhere and if you’re unlucky enough to no longer be devastatingly broken you may need to leave your house for a muse:)

I wrote today’s poem just a couple nights ago. I usually rework these things over the years so I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this one but I’m going for it! It’s quick, I like the precision of four line poems as you will likely come to recognize. So simple but intensely complicated. The fewer words the more important each be perfect. Untitled, March 20 2018, thank you!

These shades of blue, there are a few

They hurtle through creation new

To unweave as creators drew

A milky, frothing, cosmic brew.

I like looking at the sky and the above lines are precisely what tends to occur when I do so. The words literally form in my mind as I look at it as though somehow it’s downloading its beauty in word form directly into my mind. Neat.

It is time I quit the confines of my abode. SOMEONE has been a very patient individual (dogs are individuals also) for some time and is more than deserved of a strut out below the setting sun. Play safe tonight everyone. I hope you find whatever it is you’re dreaming of!

-Alex Blaikie


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