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Saturday Night’s Alright for Writing

Salutations, I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturdays in whatever forms they have taken. Working or relaxing there is always a certain magic to “Saturday Night”. An everlasting positive association accrued from early years no doubt. Today’s poem is literally brand new. I just wrote it about 30 minutes ago after getting home from work. I can’t explain the concept behind it despite my desire to. I’m not entirely sure there are words to properly describe the sentiment. Just a weird mish-mash of thoughts I began considering last night. No matter, Untitled, March 24, 2018. Thank you!

The fortitude of dread outlasts

Lonely, poor iconoclasts

Tear it down and start once more

Move along, please close the door

From nothingness we all must come

Heroes, villain, shine and scum

Starting fresh is no real shame

Tragedy lies in endless same.

I personally really like the second half. Haven’t decided about the first yet. Well, obviously you all have better things to do on a Saturday eve than waste your time with my insouciance. Go forth and know joy, my friends!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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