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Sunday Pun-day

I jest of course, every day is pun-day! Just a quickie today, I have a few commitments this evening of a more unavoidable though somewhat dubious quality. Today’s selection is another newbie. Written last night. It sounds as though it’s meant to be political which wasn’t really my intention at the time. However as I progressed through the piece I eventually succumbed to the theme it seemed to desire so badly. For your viewing pleasure, Untitled (yet again, not huge on titles these days), March 24, 2018.


The persons most inclined to lead

Are often those worst to succeed

The qualities you tend to find

Are not the nectar just the rind

If real change is what you seek

Look not within that tortured clique

Like vampires in mirrors they see

No reflections, just money.

I find politicians to be much like humanity itself. Individually there are many exemplary individuals working hard for what they believe in or helping their fellow (wo)man in whatever manner is available to them. Of course when considered as a group they (we) are the most reprehensibly insidious force in known existence. I’m choosing not to expand further  as this site is not intended to extol the virtues of any particular political leaning. So instead I bid you adieu. Remember to always be yourself my friends. Unless you are a shitty person. In which case feel free to mix up. Regards.

-Alex Blaikie

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