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It’s Been, One Week…

Hey friends, one week in and everything seems to be moving along satisfactorily. A big thank you to all the faceless “visitors” the statistics page notifies me of. I’m posting what I believe is my favorite poem today. I wrote it an imprecise number of years ago, what I do recall is a crisp Fall evening with a decent wind going. Of Midnight, October 2014(?). Thanks!


There’s something in a midnight breeze

A lunar glow, a restless ease

Shadows fall upon me freeze

The haunted omen of the trees

Darkness brings in hushed tones

The rattling of dead pirate’s bones

Ceaseless murmurs, windswept drone

Eldritch vision of a long lost home.

This is actually the poem I wrote that made me think maybe I had some talent in that arena. That may still to be seen but I like it. Thank you again to everyone who has shown their support in any way thus far. I am marginally less not fond of you now. Have an exceptional day everyone!

-Alex Blaikie

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