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Rainy Days

Good day my melodious yaks, before the Bluejays get under way I have a few minutes to share my newest creation. After raining here for the past three days I finally found the inspiration to craft something along those lines. I don’t typically write anything super long when in the poetry genre but this one stretches just a bit. Written immediately upon returning from outside moments ago. I’m proud to share, “serenity”.


While walking the dog in the rain

On fascinating sights we came

The pinprick drops into the lake

‘Til turgid waters overtake

Rivulets stream down off the leaves

Niagara Falls from out the eaves

Trees still mostly naked provide

Little shelter with which to hide

Huge puddles barricade our way

She leaps better than I these days

Watching clouds from down below

Their fluffy visions proudly show

The smell of rain truly profound

Conflating wet with windy and ground

Fence posts gathering moisture much

Cheap umbrella folds in the clutch

Eventually it comes to pass

You lose concern for your drenched ass

Letting go in downpour’s vital

To achieve this poem’s title.

I’m actually really pleased with that piece snarky ending be damned. I blame all of you. Everyone being so positive and supportive is making it significantly more difficult to be a curmudgeonly perfectionist. Before anyone asks the “s” in serenity is intentionally not capitalized. I am not qualified to hand out Serenity. So I decided to offer only serenity instead. A grand day to you all. Go splash around a bit!

-Alex Blaikie


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