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Truly a quintessential Canadian experience today with the April snow storm. I realize it also snowed it in New York earlier in the week but I’m staking a claim to this “Canadian Heritage Moment”! Does anyone smell burning toast?

While it’s possible I excel at a couple of things; one at which I’m not the best is reading faces. Generally it’s no problem because I can make use of wording/ tone/ body language etc. Every once in a while however I’m forced to make a judgement based on the probabilities and have certainly been wrong before.

The poem is also linked to one particular teenage experience that isn’t exactly appropriate to speak of at this time. Intriguing, I know.  Working title is, “Shot in the Dark”, April 2, 2018. Thank you!


Each face shows a malicious intent

What needs discerning is the extent

Exactly which type of evil in mind

Murder, assault, just being unkind?

Watching your back is most essential

To live and achieve your potential

Paranoia and libel both share

Truth will vindicate each of the pair.


It’s amusing in retrospect that I did not make room for the idea that these horrid faceless apparitions may (likely) in fact have no ill intentions whatsoever. The few times I have misplayed a situation have provoked an ensuing awkwardness that is sufficient enough to maintain my vigilance going forward but let’s try not to let the paranoia run rampant. We are not in an Agatha Christie novel, or worse… a character from Game of Thrones. Not that dying was ever even the issue, just not knowing. Not being able to predict the likely outcome was/ is infuriating. Classic human apprehension regarding the unknown. Sometimes there can be comfort in cliché.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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