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“Super-intelligent Shades of the Color Blue”

Good day again fine people! For those who were curious about yesterday’s title and now likely today’s, check out Douglas Adams’, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Either the books or even better the old school radio broadcasts from the BBC. That is good stuff.

To be truthful I haven’t been particularly motivated poetry-wise over the past few days. It comes in spurts I find and when I try to force it the results are always sub par. No matter, we’ll just dip into last month’s stash. It’s titled, “Cascades”, March 27, 2018. You’re beautiful!

Loss is not nearly as severe

If they remain forever near

Always in your mind they will stay

Coloring actions everyday

Those who leave a deep indent

Will find their wisdom never spent

Through generations courses down

These sage’s counsel and renown.

This wasn’t really in relation to any one particular death or loss just sort of an amalgamation of a lifetime’s experience. I like the thought of cascades in the sense that it starts for a single point but spreads on down through the cycles in perpetuity. I feel like knowledge and wisdom can be similarly trickled down. Please feel free to make your own Reagan joke here. I couldn’t decide on just one.

-Alex Blaikie

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