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One more time for the kids…

Bonsoir mes amis! I’ve made the executive decision that given the continuing spike in readership (having finally mastered some WordPress nuance) I’d like to re-release some of what I consider as my best work. It also gives me an opportunity to delve slightly deeper into the context of things should I be in the mood. To the few who may have already enjoyed this entry, you are a lovely person. To those who have seen and didn’t enjoy, you’ve only yourself to blame at this point:)

We’re in somewhat of an election cycle currently in Ontario with a provincial circus and vote upcoming in June. Given that the two leading candidates are somewhat reprehensible in different ways (and some of the same) it can be difficult to keep treading water when the cynicism becomes an ocean. I am a fairly strong swimmer but in this analogy I happen to be sporting a Canadian Tuxedo, the temperature is below freezing and a crazed polar bear is hunting me for sport armed with an unusually large harpoon.

For your viewing displeasure, Political Discourse, March 24, 2018.


The persons most inclined to lead

Are often those worst to succeed

The qualities you tend to find

Are not the nectar just the rind

If real change is what you seek

Look not within that tortured clique

Like vampires in mirrors they see

No reflections, just money.


I know I just referenced Hitchhiker’s guide the other day but I love the concept that the person(s) most qualified to lead others is he or she who least desires to do so. Granted that description fits me and I will be super annoyed if this turns around on me but that idea is delectable. Obviously for many reasons it would never work once people are introduced into the maze but held in a morality vacuum it’s a pristine blossom.

I’ve never forgotten the quote inside the cover of my first year Economics text-book, “Sure it works in real life but how about in theory?”. There was no source referenced but in the cut up world of university economics that is a Mitch Hedberg quality one liner.

That’s all for me folks. Have yourselves an exceptional whatever and I look forward to further wasting your time again tomorrow.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. “difficult to keep treading water when the cynicism becomes an ocean”
    Great metaphor Alex! I’m enjoying how much you are revelling in your Canadian-ness


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