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Respect for the Honey-badger

Greetings to all on this fair seemingly mid- winter’s day. It would appear the tenaciousness of the frigid precipitation this year rivals that of the noble honey-badger. An esteemed and stubborn creature to be sure. Plus their snuffling noises are bizarrely adorable. Perhaps they could be trained in some manner such that I would be in possession of a quasi- invincible army of woodland mammals. We would be unstoppable!

I digress… Having finally located  a sliver of inspiration I do have a newer work today. this was one of yesterday’s efforts, currently untitled. April 5, 2018. Thank you!


Gather children round this calumet

Share golden peace before you forget

What comes easily until youth’s gone

Sides to be chosen, lines will be drawn

We’re identical beneath our skin

Aspiring to love but sowing sin

Judgement can often the first response

In understanding and joy ensconce

Banish all hate it’s not welcome here

Fight for peace only, pure and sincere.


While it may be a cliche sentiment, there is so much more to connect us than which divides. The innocence of the young has mercifully yet to be tainted by our acquired preconceptions or learned biases. Can you recall what that was like? We can all of us be better stewards of this amazing planet that somehow is capable of supporting life. Speak for those lacking a voice, stand up for they who cannot rise. Be the person you know you should be. Stop making excuses and start making a difference.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Hate is often driven by fear. My current contribution to society is to explore ways of living which are less reliant on employment and corporations, dependencies which I believe contribute to fear and exploitation


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