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“Requiem” For A Hairball

Good afternoon faithful chums, I hope to find everyone well. A potentially sombre topic today but let’s try examining it from a position of gratitude and acceptance. My beautiful, 22-year-old cat, Cally, has been somewhat unwell for about a month now. I’d thought to have found a solution but apparently such was not the case. We’re going to the vet tomorrow but it is difficult not to consider a pet’s mortality at times like this. That being said, should it be her time I will forever value the exceptional life she has been able to gift upon my family and I.

I wrote “California” just a few moments ago. It is one of her many nicknames. Please both enjoy and wish her luck tomorrow. Thank you.


A tragic plot we must outlive

Those who selflessly spirit give

All that we can do in the end

Treasure each day with furry friends

Comfort is sometimes hard to find

When you seek within humankind

They ask for nothing from us save love

Perfect gifts were sent from above

One day though they have to return

Having their wings and halos earned.


She is a fantastic cat. It should be noted that while I am myself not particularly religious, though I was raised as such. I do find the symbolism and imagery to be both useful from an artistic standpoint and also quite lovely.

I’m not sure whether my attentions will be drawn away for the remainder of the day but should I be unable to pester you again, please enjoy your time with your family, friends, pets, or whoever of this planet’s company you find you can tolerate the most. Be at peace my friends.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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