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I’ve been frequently asked to describe how I come up with “blank” ideas. Rhymes, jokes, whatever, the concept for me is the same. I sit around or I’m out somewhere and some silly thought/ idea comes to me. I massage it momentarily in my head, feel out whether it has any potential and then internally trash it or make a note on my phone to revisit it later when I have time. Often it’s just one word that sounded funny or unusual which an entire poem is based upon. I find poetry like an infinite puzzle. You start with one piece and have to work backwards all the way until you’re left perfect image. Or a creased Polaroid, depending on how the day’s going. The mental trash can system is not exactly perfect. Sometimes you get a diamond, sometimes a turd. C’est la vie!

Ironically I couldn’t think of a good enough title for this one so it remains blank. April 9, 2018.


True catalysts are hard to find

Isolate that spark in your mind

Build upon the minuscule glow

Effort’s reward success will show

Genius like lightning strikes a flash

Time will separate gold from trash

Not all ripples in lakes must fade

Keep throwing rocks, you’ll have it made.


Keep working. Very little amazing occurs by accident. Don’t get me wrong it happens but if you’re waiting around for someone to hand you a sack of money you’d be better off robbing a bank and getting one yourself. Please do not rob banks. That is seriously uncool. Banks robbing you on the other hand is so common to be a damn cliché.

Joy to all!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I’ll first say, I didn’t follow out of reciprocity or obligation, but because your pages titles and taglines are so similar I thought, “shit. I’m going to like this person.” And I do! I see poem as kind of math. To me, every one I write has one correct answer but a few ways to get there.

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    1. Thank you so much for saying so. I really like how you said that, correct answer bt a few ways to get there, that describes it perfectly. Sometimes there are more than one correct answer. Like solving for the roots of a parabolic function. I prob should have been ridiculed more during high school:)


      1. Hahahahaha. I was had enough of that. A tattooed, atheist in a Catholic school. The teachers liked be. They thought I was smart while failing every class because I refused to do any work and write poetry and philosophical essays and fiction all day.

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