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Still some left…

It seems with my back still in disorder and not working today I’ve little else to do besides chatter on to you fine people.

First of all person or persons reading from India. I see you there and you’re amazing!

This poem is kind of humorous to me. It started off extremely seriously then took on some bizarre fantastical element. That’s one of the joys of creating, I can do whatever I want. This is, Paper Bag, March 24, 2018. All you other countries are beautiful too!


Swiftest derision is self critique

Momentary reprieve’s all you seek

Burning down fantastic efforts bold

Will hardly bring to you hordes of gold

Your dragon’s cave will surely look bare

Absent any jewels or treasure there

An empty heart is still so much worse

Than a dragon’s rage no matter terse.


I suppose the moment I thought of hordes of gold the dragon was irrevocable. TROGDOR! This is actually about my being too judgemental early on in a work and just scrapping the entire thing. Isn’t it way more fun with a dragon though!

Plus Dragon’s Rage could be taken as a subtle Pokemon reference which would surely further highlight my already well established coolness. Yeah…

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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