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“Body Brake!”

At times, I’ve been known to make the occasional decision on the fly. Also, in the past, I didn’t always enjoy the healthy respect I currently have for physical fitness and basic nutrition. AND THUS IS THE SCENE SET!

Body Brake (pun was too good not to use for the title as well), April 11, 2018.


Have you ever gone to climb some stairs

But find yourself rather unprepared

I’m not talking of a case or three

But enough to gaze down on the city

At first pure confidence drives you on

Stride is huge and shoulders drawn

Few floors up, feet no longer so light

In fact their weight grows quickly each flight

Many more steps such that you lose track

Stop for a moment, you brought a snack

Granola revives and swiftly you rise

Ignoring acid burning your thighs

Sadly that strategy fails to work

Various limbs beginning to jerk

Breath grows ragged all the time tougher

Wish I still had my childhood puffer

Those lost within vast deserts for years

At last escaping cried fewer tears

Than one sad ex-smoker when at last

The horrid stairway of doom was past

Today if there’s a generator

This old man takes the elevator.


Granted I’ve yet to pass the 30 year mark, however I’ve been assured it’s not how old you are but rather how old you feel.

To touch on an earlier mention; there is no simpler thing you can do, over eating better and whatever exercise you are capable of, to drastically improve every aspect of your life. Plus who doesn’t want to fit better into our wonderfully vapid and beauty obsessed society? Tough to admit that the preceding statement is only 98% sarcastic. I’m just a smidge off of perfect… 50 LASHES!

Inronically, I do actually have a penchant for taking the stairs anywhere I can these days. Free exercise plus anything to help tire out the puppy!

Take care wonderful people,

-Alex Blaikie





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