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3rd Time’s the Charm

Apparently I’m extra special today as I cannot seem to post this properly. Let’s give it one last attempt…

Has anyone seen the movie Seven? It influenced me in a few different ways. No, not to be a serial killer. For that my inspiration came from the film “Scream”.[ As difficult as it is to deadpan via text let’s just clarify that I kill nothing other than good vibes at parties and the occasional insect who takes me by surprise. Don’t sneak up on a guy!]

For one thing, I was determined to learn how to throw a knife into a wall. You’ll perhaps remark in the movie that Morgan Freeman’s character actually throws his blade into a dart board. I was however perhaps 12 at the time and such precautions are not for the boldness of youth. I actually got pretty good, though to skip to the end, my parents were less amazed by my “skills” when they discovered the “damage” lurking behind that particular poster. I’d argue that the damage was purely cosmetic. Granted that logic was not well received at the time…

You’re surely wondering what exactly the point of that was. This poem is entitled “Attrition” and that film was the first instance I learned the word. Tangential? Maybe, but wasn’t that a cute childhood story? Perhaps not.

Written March 6, 2018.


Trapped in a box of your own design

Translucent rock the gradient fine

The key pressed into your sweating palm

Terrified to move, a whispered psalm

The lock is there, it is clear to see

Just short steps from here to gain entry

Invisible ropes of fire and pain

Holds you immobile in acid rain

Forever these unfortunate lie

Petrified to live, too scared to die.


Considering I wrote this well over a month ago it’s odd that I’ve still no clue whether or not I actually like it. I’ll write it down, throw it in the water and if it sinks it’s lame. Or possibly a witch. Either way, no longer my problem.

No idea if I’ll have a chance to write again today. Working plus I owe the pup some serious adventure time. The concept, not the show. MATHEMATICAL!

As always, thank you so much and be marvelously well!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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