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Cred Că Ești Minunat!

Good morning all ye intellectually plump pheasants! It would seem we’ve the pleasure of enjoying a further tempestuous gale au dehors. Huzzah!

I have a terrible habit of being a bit judgemental from time to time. Particularly with things that I arrogantly believe are beneath me. That rarely seems to be the case in the long run and in fact some of those things I so quickly dismissed have instead become cornerstones of my existence.  Obviously no one needs me to tell them not to judge a book by its cover but if you chose to do so at least crack it open a millimeter and read the dust ruffle as a minimum.

This is, “TPB”, April 12, 2018. You’re wonderful!

Some things which appear prosaic

In fact are hidden mosaic

Chaos theory’s inverse brother

Empty places hold another

Deeper more essential meanings

Slowly build from first hand gleanings

We only see the stars at night

Genius hidden in plain sight

The more room left between the lines

The more space guarded beauty finds.

Much like the concept of chaos theory purports that if you look deep enough into enormous data sets seemingly non-random patterns will begin to emerge. I have remarked the inverse also being true. Sometimes a massive seemingly empty space is in fact itself the figure or concept you were seeking the entire time. Just “hidden” too obviously in front of you to be immediately noticed. Actually it seems likely it’s not being deceptive at all but we’re failing to properly open our eyes. Sometimes the obvious stings more than just the retinas.

I hope you all enjoy a truly inspired day!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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