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Baby It’s Warm Inside

Good morning fair friends! The arctic circle remains largely inhabitable and other than the occasional caribou mauling everyone seems to be more or less alive. Never corner a caribou, they are extremely talented with a blade.

Fear is irrational. This is not news to anyone. For instance, I was relatively confident as a youth that while performing backstroke in the pool that the bottom likely would not open releasing shark(s) of whatever varietal. That did not prevent me sadly from being  rather worried that such an occurrence would come to pass. Personally I blame the James Bond film where exactly that happens. I even had an escape plan already formulated. Kids are weird.

The point I’m very much not making here is that if you take a step back and look at the situation from beyond yourself you realize tend to the absurdity. Granted the example I provided is particularly crazy but please feel welcome to extrapolate. Almost everything I value in my life was won by putting aside some type of fear or apprehension. It always ends up being worth it. Or, at least, you don’t see the sharks coming and hopefully get eaten in one bite so as not to notice overmuch.

Untitled, April 10, 2018. Thank you so much!


Happiness will soon abound

When fear’s forced to go aground

Stand up to mental bullies

Make them dissipate fully

Internal fights are the worst

Yet must be attended first

Before life can truly bloom

Then among the stars you’ll zoom.


To be honest I’m still afraid of sharks. Not in pools so much but the Oceans do make me nervous. I attribute that to a National Geographic, “Sharks of the Golden Triangle”, during which a group of university students cool down in the middle of the ocean after collecting research samples. One young lady is attacked by a Great White and has her leg ripped off. She survives but I swear I can still almost hear her screaming. It doesn’t exactly haunt me day-to-day and I did actually watch that documentary like 14 times but I am still a wary Ocean goer. Throw in Jaws (movie and book) plus the USS Indianapolis and I’m quite happy in a nice pool.

I wish all a superlative remainder to their weekends. Be joyful and keep an eye out for dorsal fins!

-Alex Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Love your writing – it’s so refreshing. Nice take on the old winter song, baby it’s Cold Outside. As for the sharks, they make great steak 🙂 Oh, and I think you are fight: all internal battles must be dealt with first before we even attempt to tackle the external ones!

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