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Octopi Apocalypi!

Good afternoon once more wonderful friends! It is truly a privilege to have every single one of you stopping by to read. Thank you so much!

I want to go a big lighter today. No reason to focus on the existentially soul crushing every day. That’s really more of an early-month thing.

As I’ve mentioned a suspiciously large number of times already, I was the epitome of cool as a youngster. Not that anything has changed. Anyway, one of the joys of hyper-popularity was having time to develop a love of reading. Books are the original entertainment system. Before the vaguely insipid seduction of much shinier rectangular prisms a la phone/ television etc. books were the bee’s knees. For me anyway.

There are so many facets to loving books. That feeling you get reading the last sentence of a story that has utterly consumed you. Smells associated with the different places of origin or period of time each was acquired. The excitement of reading the back and anticipation to get started. Extreme joy associated with re-opening an old and well-known friend.

This is starting to border on the lascivious so let’s move on. This is, “Reading Sucks”, April 18, 2018.


Some friends who are always there

Each page more knowledge to share

Grizzled tomes to pamphlets new

Everything in between to

Lofty tales of heroes brave

Innocence for them to save

Wicked fiction, horror’s clutch

Killers sly and lovers touch

Learn about the real world

Hidden mysteries unfurled

Travel free of physic’s pull

Mass, gravity, force are null

There’s a book for everyone

Please don’t spirit’s freedom shun.


Worst case scenario it’s good to have a few lying around in case of emergencies such as prolonged power failures or Zombie Apocalypses. Apocalypi? I suppose it’s not usually a term one considers in pluralized form but I believe it is clear that the latter, while incorrect, is infinitely superior. Should that day ever arrive I will eagerly cut you down for the last carton of chocolate milk, however, until then I wish you all exceptionally well. Can you really blame me though? Some of those power outages can last a few hours…:)

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Yes, reading takes you to another place. The Zombie Apocalypses may happen but on the lighter side… I enjoy reading on the beach. It’s nice with a light breeze and in the shade of an umbrella on a nice summer day. 🙂

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