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Salutations! My name is Charlotte and I’m a spider. OK that isn’t true but can anyone else not say or hear “salutations” without immediately being transported back to that film? Not I.

My intention today is to extol the finery of a very simplistic device. Something it took me years to finally admit to possessing virtue. In my pseudo-arrogance I fallaciously believed in my ability to instantly recall any or all information salient to my life. The list is growing rather long but let’s draw another tick in the loss column.:)

Titled, “Calendar”, April 13, 2018.


We have so much in the air

Can be hard to track all’s there

Jugglers handle swords and balls

Likely trouble if one falls

Same applies to us as well

One mistake can bring forth hell

Take some time to order things

Well reasoned thought great joy brings.


Incidentally, I’m just now recalling misspelling “calendar” in a primary school spelling bee so I could go out for recess. At least that instance of self-sabotage had clearly defined parameters…

I am all about planning now these days whereas the very notion used to offend me. I consider my time as being valuable and would much rather use a bit to prepare than waste a significant amount later on. Your time is also extremely precious. In fact, you can make up for losing just about anything except. Guard your time wisely, when you consider it for a moment, it’s all we really have.

Last thought, I’m not saying wasting time IS a waste of time. I love doing “nothing”, it’s when I come up with some of my best ideas.

Thank you all again so very much for taking the time to visit. Please enjoy a truly exceptional afternoon!

-Alex Blaikie



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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. oooohhh, now that was a fun AND lovely piece it had it all, assonance, consonance, simile, metaphor… you are going to be torturing the hell out of sleepy 9th grade English students someday. I really liked this piece. Brought me right back to the county fair and that time when I narrowly escaped being turned into pork chops (Oh wait, that may have been a friend of mine). Thank you for your kind notice of my post today as well. Looking forward to more of your writings. Lona

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  2. Oh, good stuff! I’m retired, and my family ribs me a little for having a Schedule of Activities posted on my calendar, but I find that if I don’t have one, I’ll just sit in front of the Xbox until they wake me up to go to bed…

    I really like your page; I’ll be following and linking, and occasionally featuring. Great work here. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. Thank you for liking my page. It brought me here and I just enjoyed this poem and it is so wonderful how the rhymes come so well together. wasting time, doing nothing, poetry – brought me here and a smile on my face! Thank You! 🙂

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