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“Thunder only happens when it’s raining…”

Fleetwood Mac’s awesomeness notwithstanding I’m unsure as to the scientific veracity of the above lyrics.

Thank you all again so much, particularly everyone leaving comments. I adore hearing your thoughts or personal reflections on my work. Extraordinary insights!

Is there anything more slippery, more insubstantial than a dream? Besides greasing up a school of shaved weasels and turning them loose in a water park, I do not believe so. Like light being reflected through a prism, our night-time visions are equally multi-faceted. Almost as though they’re being beamed in from elsewhere before striking the crystal of your mind and refracting into whatever shape or color you subconsciously influence.

Untitled, April 19, 2018. Thanks again!

Dreams are strange and wondrous moments

A mind is raised to exponents

Numbers fall in lined showers

Morphing to their higher powers

Runic scripts and ancient armors

Flawless love, aged snake charmers

Me I’m drawn to darker themes

Rusted cart off the rails careens

Caverns black and faceless pursuit

Occurs all on decrepit mute

Upon waking it can take time

To close creativity’s crime

Don’t overthink they’re no more true

Than Pink Llamas you tried to woo.

I think the rusty carts tableau may be from Donkey Kong Adventures. Some fantastic subterranean levels jumping crevasses on old mining tracks. What a game!

I couldn’t decide if in your dream you were going to woo or sue said llamas but woo seemed more comical in end. They have such elegant necks after all. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Thank you once more for taking time from what is likely an extremely busy day to ingest some insouciance. So many readers stopping by each day honestly means more to me than I can properly express. Ironic what with supposedly being a writer but I’ve always been in a possession of a somewhat contradictory nature. Arrivederci!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

43 replies

  1. Thank you for entertaining me in a way that I completely understand and appreciate. I’m psyched to follow your blog!

    Thunder also happens when you turn on the radio, because they play that Imagine Dragons song like every 10 minutes.

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  2. I dream of ducks with teeth that chase me and try to bite me. And an alarming number of dreams that are clear and memorable seem to come true years later in unexpected ways. I never thought of trying to make them into poetry like you did. Clever use of dream material for a Salvador Dali-style poem. Particularly love the Pink Llama thing. Gotta love them Pink Llamas.

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  3. Thanks for the follow! I’m happy I came here to check out your blog. You have such a unique way with words. I’ve never really been drawn to poetry, but this was fun to read. Na Zdorovie!

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  4. Thanx for the thought provocation!
    For some reason, I haven’t been able to remember my own dreams for over 10 years now, except a vague inkling that they have happened as I wake, and the surety that there are more in there, waiting to pounce. Hopefully, they are resolving my ISSUES, even if I can’t remember them.

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  5. “Ironic what with supposedly being a writer but I’ve always been in a possession of a somewhat contradictory nature. Arrivederci!” – I’ve come to believe it’s almost mandatory 🙂 Wonderful imagery, and what a way to end – “Pink Llamas you tried to woo” 🙂

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  6. Thanks etc. Good to hear a poet who takes the time to rhyme. It forces a certain focus and discipline on the narrative, I feel.. Ain’t the mind a quirky thing? Look after that old cat, it’s her due.

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  7. Couldn’t resist checking out a blogger with such a great name. Will have to spend more time here in the future. Thanks for the visit to mine. I’m sure we will keep each other entertained. I enjoy fractured minds! Cheers!

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  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. What one must remember is thunder never exists by itself. It is a reaction, a recoil by the atmosphere of the passage of the electrical charges leaping from point to point. We perceive the turbulence in the atmosphere as sound – hence, thunder.

    So-called dry lightning would also produce thunder, thus disproving the point that it is a precipitation based phenomenon.

    Knowing this doe not diminish its majesty.

    Be well on your journey.

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