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The Snark Ages.

I wanted to do the “good morning Vietnam” greeting that Robin Williams did in the film but it looks absolutely ludicrous typed out. SO, if everyone could just do it one time in their heads for me as we take a second to remember a truly remarkable man. Thank you so much!

I coined the term Snark Ages a ways back. Of course, when I say coined, I mean thought of momentarily, uttered a brief mental snort and immediately went back to bedazzling my camel’s Sunday saddle. I mean, it’s like who only has one camel saddle these days? Step up your camel game yo.

Anyway… I thought it an appropriate way to describe the culture in which we are currently living. A space where rhetoric commonly out duels reason to our collective detriment. Plus it’s a half decent pun.

When the aesthetics of the position trump the legitimate facts we have big problems. It’s like during a magic trick, misdirection. Look at the pretty assistant over here while I surreptitiously place the coin into my pocket.

It is possible the preceding paragraph contained a thimble full of symbolism. I have zero interest in being more transparent as I’m already the recipient of enough death threats as it is from friends and family:)

Today’s rhymes are not directly tied to any one of those random concepts but it doesn’t take much lateral movement match up with all of them. I called this, Seers, April 17, 2018.


Light can be harsh upon the eyes

Either in UV or other guise

Sometimes in place to masquerade

The game of death that’s being played

Directing gaze towards the shine

Produces massive glowing signs

Like an eclipse in human form

The pain sent an attempt to warm

Unless you wish to blinded be

Look not at truth’s face too deeply.


Thank you to everyone for the kind thoughts in regards to my annoying headache fiasco. Things are not too bad today for which I am extremely grateful.

I wish you all a peaceful and joyous Sunday afternoon. Sunshine and merriment for all!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I had to comment after reading your opening paragraph. I am going to like whatever comes after it because you spoke so highly of a certain man whom I LOVE. You must be a great man, too. Thanks.

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