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It’s Raining Zen!

I had a pretty good one lined up for today but since yesterday was kind of heavy both on the site and locally I’m thinking a softer touch is in order.

As we all know pet ownership is associated with some natural monetary commitments. Vet bills, food and toys are more explicit examples while the walking of dogs and cleaning of litters represent less direct but still legitimate opportunity cost. To be fair I am more than willing to incur all of that and much more, there is however one item of particular annoyance. An insidious task with no ending. Once completed only just begun.

Ground Quilt, April 23, 2018


At this time of year I find

Floor trash of a certain kind

As the weather’s heating up

Things grow hard upon my pup

Giant, fluffy, outerwear

Absurd quantities of hair

Sheds much swifter than fall leaves

Strangely she appears bereaved

Indignant that I’ve stolen

Never letting her roll in

Mountainous tufts gathering

Every year throughout the Spring

Grins in sleep upon the floor

Leave me to my thrilling chore

As I gaze about the room

Resolutely grab my broom.


I love my dog more than just about anyone else but damn it’s annoying that you can never actually get all the hair cleaned up. By the time you’ve finished vacuuming or sweeping fresh accumulation is already well underway. Not unlike snow storms I’m fairly certain it amplifies at a magnitude.

The truly ironic part is that I didn’t really become an  extremely clean individual until Catherine entered my life. And here I am whining about minor inconveniences. Ain’t that ’bout a bitch. Please note I am referring to myself and not my princess.

Thank you again everyone for taking the time for this nonsense. Each and every one of you is exceptionally wonderful! Auf Wiedersehen!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Late in her life, Mindy “Ultra-shed” Aussie T. Dog discovered that the upholstery attachment on the vacuum felt good to her. My life improved. I could brush and then use the vacuum to suck up the loose hair. But she was already 14 years into her 16 year lifespan when she figured that out.

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  2. My youngest daughter has 2 doodles. Brothers. A joy to watch and walk while I still have the strength. We do not clean before they visit… Especially in the wet, icy, spring weather. Thanks for following my blog. Look forward to reading more of your poetry.

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