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The Mist

A fantastic short story by Stephen King by that name is the first thing to come to mind. I’m not really certain that a two hundred and fifty off pager qualifies as short but that is a different matter. A relatively faithful film rendition was also released, I liked it well enough.

Unfortunately neither of those is the mist I’m speaking of. Which really is too bad because I could go on about mutant spiders and religious zealots at length. Alas…

Despite more than a few claims, no one can see the future. It lies shrouded and impatient in an infinite number of “right nows”. Sometimes the fog seems lighter as you confidently stride onward. Other instances you must feel your way along, hands outstretched and fearful. Sometimes the mist and you are one.

Dew-Point, March 21, 2018.


Fog is thick within tonight

Heavy dense, no chance of sight

Stumbling around try to find

Anything to be less blind

Sad to say you can’t locate

That which makes the mist abate

Even fire can not make gone

Black where sunlight’s never shone

When night emits from inside

Truly nowhere left to hide.


First of all, yes, I easily could have called the thing “The Fog ” and gone on a John Carpenter diatribe but I’ve made my choice. Get it? The Thing? The dog says I’m funny. Though she only speaks Mandarin so I may have mistranslated.

I really like this poem though paradoxically feel as though I’ve done a brutal job attempting to explain the point. Instead, I’m not going to try any further and just be all artistic and what not allowing you to decide among yourselves. So there.

As always, you are all the noblest of mammals and I look forward excitedly to crafting tomorrow’s rhetoric.


-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Oh I liked this a lot…gave me a heavy feeling of foreboding in my chest as I read it. Stephen King is my favourite author and I LOVED The Mist. Also loved the movie; even the changed ending (which I heard King actually liked as well). Heavy fog has always made me uneasy. You captured this very well!

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  2. Nice poem. My favorite line – “not even fire can make gone, black where sunlight’s never shone.” On another note, King’s novella is excellent and Lovecraftian in a sense. And JC’s The Fog? One of my most favorite films of all time!

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