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Bestiality Notwithstanding…

When you ask people what they miss most about their childhood there are many responses. The usual include; free time, no job, meals prepared for you, zero responsibilities etc…

Personally, I find myself ocasionally longing for a return to naiveté. Technically innocence really but I was hard on myself even before I knew I was doing so.:) The golden days before I realized that my own existence was a pristine haven while much of the rest of the Planet was a veritable dumpster fire of war, poverty, famine and all around anguish.

I still vividly recall multiple perceptions shattering through my childhood and adolescence. Learning that evil was not just in stories.  Realizing adults don’t have it figured out any more than kids do and often in fact to a lesser degree. Seeing horrific tragedy occur to the best among us. That is very much the reality of our existence. Wasn’t it nice before you realized it though?

I titled this one, Disney, April 25, 2018.


Can you recall of times jejune

Small children staring at the moon

Unafraid of the trials of life

Ignorant to both war and strife

Softest thoughts of warm gentle dreams

Zero terror, fear, no shrill screams

No feedback of internal blight

Endlessly looping shrieks of fright

Unblemished, a mind at peace

One day exposed and it will cease

A vital toxin all contract

Innocence ineffably snapped.


There are of course many advantages to accepting reality. Once you see and realize the problem for instance you can actually make some attempt to help. There are innumerable benefits to adulthood and responsibility and I certainly wouldn’t go back- but every once in a while I do miss the Disney endings. Excluding, I suppose, the occasional bestiality…

I am truly blessed to have all of you wonderful people visiting. Please know how much I appreciate you!

Be extraordinary! Or at least not ordinary.:)

-Alex Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

21 replies

  1. in the rabbit hole, out of the rabbit hole, in, out, in out, until you see it whole, wabbitt, wabbitt – cool words dude 🙂


  2. Hey Alex, firstly thanks for following my wordpress blog and cheers on the post, as well as the positivity for humanity in this post… optimism.

    I think the negative or some stark realism is equally present, so I suppose I just like the post. Cheers all the same.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Beauty in both and how great when we can appreciate one for the other… 🙂

        You are the first follow for me on WordPress so definitely want to express the appreciation. Take care and much love.


  3. my kid’s life was a longing to be a grown up and knowing deep down childhood was not all it was cracked up to be… well, mine wasn’t. I envy you yours, how beautifully you lived it and no wonder you miss it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your poetry rhymes! And scans! I thought I was the last loon on Earth claiming poetry should do that not just be prose with indentations. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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