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For the record that’s “ave” as in the antiquated Roman greeting. Not “ave” like Ave Maria. It doesn’t really matter but I felt it was important to differentiate regardless.

You may recall a few weeks ago there was a wicked awesome ice storm here in Southern Ontario. It seemed a little on the nose at the time to publish a poem on the topic but now that it’s sunny and warm its time has arrived!

Hail Caesar! April 15, 2018.


Tiny rocks of ice sting my eyes

Weather Network told me no lies

Figured with layers all would be well

Venture now in this frozen Hell

Tundra before me stretches far

Start losing track of where we are

Wind hisses in malevolence

Capacity for violence

Rats flee back to their holes in fear

As do I, luckily home’s near

Back inside I know now of course

Firsthand our climate’s primal force.


Naturally the dog couldn’t have been happier and was highly offended when the walk was cut short. She’s quite a beast.

Time is a mite short for me this afternoon so I will bid you adieu. Make someone smile today. You can vote for yourself:)

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Sometimes old language springs fom me and often with such occasions I must also explain. Im not always successful explaining as you are here without missing my point. Salut, good sir! Your new friend, Roo.

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