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Lunch-Hour Quickie

It’s difficult not to remark the unbelievable disparity between the haves and have-nots these days. I mean that symbolically, not Province by Province (a poor Canadian redistribution joke). It can be near impossible to reconcile the extravagance of some with the desperation of others.

April 28, 2018.


Unfortunate trend I often see

Failure to care for humanity

Golden tie clips and luxury cars

Modelling lifestyles after the Tsars

Stark contrast to the less in luck

Famished, living in trash and the muck

Happy to posses food and a home

Not building a new mansion in Rome

If we could bring these extremes nearer

For a second we all saw clearer

Love the least of us same as the high

So possible, we need only try.


I hate to preach and run but I that is precisely what I’m going to do. Have a truly wonderful afternoon my friends and let’s all of us, in just one tiny way, try to be a better person today.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Ok, I’m gonna try and make this comment as short as possible so here goes nothing.

    First, I really enjoyed reading this because it’s pretty much an articulation of countless thoughts, conversations, and arguments I’ve had with friends, family, and random people on the subway.

    That being said, I think one of the reasons why there is such a wide gap between the wealthy and those who live in poverty is because these two extremes exist in completely separately realms. Or at least, that’s what we as people tend to do. We separate and divide things so that they become an us vs. them situation so instead of addressing issues like poverty or wage-gap inequality in the same context with educational funding (although I’m not really sure how they relate at the moment but I know they do hehe) a lot of people tend to focus on one thing without realizing that so issues and social concerns we have are inter-connected and should be addressed as such.

    So I appreciated how you wrote ‘If we could bring these extremes nearer/ For a second we all saw clearer/ Love the least of us same as the high’ because you absolutely have a point. If instead of viewing these two things as separate entities – if we could see them living side-by-side, then maybe there would be more compassion and more of a will-power and call-to-action to get shit done.

    Wow. This be long. Apologies if my rant gave you a migraine but keep writing great, thought provoking posts!

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  2. I was not born into wealth, But I was blessed growing up with models of hard work, integrity, and thrifty living, I came up through the military and achieved the goals I had set for myself. I catch myself sometimes turning a blind eye to the homeless around me, then repent and seek volunteer opportunities to help. But everyone should have an opportunity to elevate themselves if they have the right model and are willing to change. Some, of course are held back by addictions and illness. I cannot influence the wealthy nor those who think power, influence, money or position is more valuable than loving family, deep friendships. Love this poetry….

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