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Hippos and Algebra

Good afternoon Hungry Hungry Hippos! Does anyone recall the “house hippo” fake commercials they used to show? The intention being to warn children not to believe everything they read or saw on TV. Ironic considering modern days, I know. I still want one.They ate peanut butter and built nests of dryer lint. Epic. Yet I digress…

I was going to engross you with a thrilling paragraph on the nuance of steady state analysis but mercifully will pass up the algebra lesson and just skip to the good stuff. Correction; a marginally lesser form of garbage.:)

Eigenvalue, May 3, 2018


Cool wind blows across my face

Forgetting past, the time and place

Comforting warmth curled on my lap

Tucked in tighter than presents wrapped

The sounds of evening permeate

Making it hard to concentrate

Soft chimes gently bump together

Content here I’d be forever.


The last two lines are very much my favorite. It so perfectly expresses the feeling of the moment the piece is based upon.

Please remember that hippos are considerably less friendly than commercials and cartoons would have you think. They will hungry hungry your arm off most quickly. You just can’t live on a permanent diet of marbles.

An exceptional evening to you all, play safe out there kids!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I had never seen the house hippo ads, I found it on YouTube and it is hilarious, but the larger issue is that now I am worried that I have been needlessly burdened with excessive credulity since I never was exposed to this heretofore. 🤔
    Actually made me smile. 🙂

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    1. I should have linked the YouTube video. Isn’t that the greatest!? I refuse to die until science cracks the mystery of house hippos! Granted gene manipulation of the sort may produce the end of the world through unintentional hybrids but I think that’s a risk we’re all willing to take:)

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