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A sincerely adorable piece today! Don’t think I haven’t noticed that the most popular articles are always in relation to my four-legged beasts. Happily, as a shameless panderer, I’m more than happy to cater to such a demand.

Important to note that this poem, more so than the others, needs to be read in a lilting almost sing-song manner. Don’t absorb it robotically, allow the natural rhythm to show you the way. Undoubtably there is an Enrique Iglesias song that can show you the way.  And yes, I messed with the rhyme scheme and meter again, deal with it. If Shakespeare can transcend words than I wish to transcend things to!

“Snuggleuptous”, May 15, 2018


Eager snuffling noses

Adorable poses

More beauty than roses

The love of a dog

Little sighs as she sleeps

Upon her a dream creeps

While from I fondness seeps

Like sun’s rays shoot forth

Warm mass upon your lap

Pacifies you to nap

Fuzzy pal’s frequent trap

I trigger all joy.


I am blessed with many gifts but those which impact me most hour by hour are of the furrier varietal. NOT Cruella Deville’s clothing provider, rather my dastardly cat and cunning pup, who may or may not be hatching their own insidious plots,  though I digress.

I suppose that’s all I have for now, lucky ducks, spared from further insolence.

Thank you so very much for lapping up the tepid milk that is this post my digital kittens!

Farewell ducks, kittens, Enrique Iglesias and evryone else! Bailamos.

-Alex Blaikie



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