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Good morning fair friends! Thank you so very much everyone who is commenting, liking  posts or just lurking in the background. You are all amazing! That’s right lurkers! I see you and acknowledge your existence with gratitude!

I have a rather light-hearted selection for you today. I half wrote it in my head the other day while out walking something and managed to retain enough of the pieces to reassemble it upon returning home. I’m not going to elaborate further other to say there will be an audio copy of the poem below. My desire is to include one everyday as I move forward and to record similarly from the back-end as I go as well. Enjoy!

“Smelly-Dancers”, May, 15, 2018

Petals have a most unusual dance

They flit and they fall, they glide and entrance

Upon the breeze they come to visit you

Flower’s promise forever holds true

Shotgun pellets made of softest silk

Smoother than 4% chocolate milk

Pummels your face and the rest of you whole

Bad for allergies but good for the soul.

A friend of mine’s, parent’s farm produces 4% chocolate milk which is nothing short of the nectar of the gods. Unfortunately God’s nectar also bestows upon you the gift of potential diabetes which, frankly, is all keeping me from installing it to spew forth from my water faucet.

Anyway ,please enjoy the recording, I imagine I’ll not be able to restrict myself to only reciting the poem. No doubt further inanities will spew forth. Good luck with that.

All the good stuff to you and your peoples!

-Alex Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Gee, have never heard of 4% milk (chocolate or otherwise). Might have to risk diabetes to investigate, though.

    Considering you said it came to you while out walking, I should have been more prepared, but I really didn’t expect flowers as the Smelly Dancers. Appropriate, though. Good imagery.

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