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“LIFE… will find a way.”

Happy Saturday morning bleary eyed companions! Grab a Gatorade and a bucket, if you’re not feeling ill yet you may be shortly. My writing in contraindicated to hangovers, much of the South and some antibiotics. If you’re taking Penicillin STOP READING NOW! That was close.

After a few in a row of light and airy I’m thinking a return to real life would be good for one day. Don’t worry, if the first paragraph is any indication my shady irreverence will still find a way. It’s a lot like life that way, as per the great Ian Malcolm. Dear God, here we go… If you’ve never read the book Jurassic Park, DO IT! So much better than the movie and the film was, obviously, fantastic. The sequel as well, The Lost World, amazing book. Movie, less so… Author Michael Crichton one of the absolutely most talented of all time. A medical doctor as well he also created and produced the show ER. Only individual ever to simultaneously have the #1 book, movie and Tv show. Damn son.

Other great MC books include; Sphere, Eater of the Dead, Andromeda Strain, Terminal Man, Rising Sun, Congo and many, many more. You know you’re good when they turn every single one of your books into a mediocre to good movie adaptation. Died a few years ago tragically but that’s life for ya.

Sorry, what was I talking about? Yes… poem…

This is actually more inspirational than I remembered but I’m not changing the article now, that would be blasphemy to the great Michael Crichton! He should have got a religion instead of that kooky science loser. EXCEPT, Mike was far too cool to screw people like that. He said I could call him Mike. You can’t prove he didn’t!


“Hollow”, May 16, 2018

Feeding on misery’s no way to live

It can sustain but no sustenance give

Negative feedback loops can realign

Entropy needs not dictate your decline

Despair deeper than Mariana’s trenched

Fills with pristine waters in which you’re drenched

Now rising weightless you hover above

True peace or at least a facsimile of.


Feeding on misery actually came from whatever stupid TV show I had on in the background as I was writing. I believe it was some sort of creature that literally fed on misery. Tasty but so very fattening.

I will include the audio of the poem again below plus a little extra chatter for those of you dedicated enough to unmute your devices.

If you’re curious, the rustling at the end was Catherine wanting to make her presence felt by repositioning herself onto the laptop.

Thank you so very much as always and please enjoy a truly exceptional afternoon!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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