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A Career In Words

I have two piece’s slated for release today. Two because one is quite short and one is possibly pure garbage. Hopefully between the two of them we can equalize to form proportional mediocrity to normal. The non-existent, but somehow extremely real happiness utils derived by my readers must remain, at the least, static.


First up is, “Cracking Spines”, May 17, 2018. Not about chiropractors, enjoy!

Slivers of light

Catch edges

Forming lazy shadows

Some high

Some low

Like their readers

Stand sentinel

Guarding ignorance

But cultivating ego

Knowledge misconstrued

Used nefariously

Intellect kills.


Literally, I was sitting in my chair the other evening, thinking up a topic and looking at one of the bookshelves with the light from a lamp falling across it. I don’t paint or draw but the scene struck me as queerly profound and those 13 lines are what emerged. Thoughts? This is the piece upon which I’m entirely undecided…


Next is an untitled entry from May 12, 2018.

Feelings of guilt can prove so tenacious

Darkening otherwise shadowless space

Millions of pieces torn most vexatious

Many the curses afflicting our race.


This on the other hand I’m quite fond of. May yet change the last line or even tweak the last 2 but it’s quite close to what I had envisioned.

Mercifully little blather today, my apologies. I’ve been extremely busy submitting work to publishing companies among other aspects of establishing a career in words. Time consuming but ultimately fulfilling. Most pursuits of value do tend to be…

Best wishes to you all, on this, a perfectly arbitrary day of no especial significance! 🙂

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

9 replies

  1. I ‘got’ cracking spines almost straight away – your powerful description helped me visualise it even to the dust mites dancing in the ray of light. Then the metaphor referring to readers – if we do not use our knowledge and wisdom we are but dust dancing in the light of others. Keep writing my friend, you have much to say.

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  2. I’ve never been one for poetry, but I love your use of language. not only in the work itself but the voice in-between as well. your love of words come across and so does your passion.

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  3. I like both but favour Cracking Spines, I read it a couple of times and got it. I find this kind of poetry to be as much about the interpreter and the poet. Your words are loaded with imagery. Very good. Every day is significant, enjoy them all.

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