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Please don’t grow accustomed but I do have a further two pieces again today. Full disclosure, both have been published but you didn’t read them so what do you care?:)

First is an unusual expression of appreciation for some things that never change but are perpetually active.


Mathematical constants will

Imbue us with a potent thrill

Comprehension will now bring you

Complete lust for your life anew

Pull at loose strings behind the screen

Knowing much that would stay unseen

Still some remain firm down below

Riddles we are not meant to know.

This is especially vexing to me as I wish to know all riddles but that always seems to end in a pact with Satan somehow so I’ll let it go.

I’m going to leave the next lacking context so nobody inadvertently takes offense. Everything is a conflation of the sum of experience anyway, I can’t be held accountable for personal insecurities.:)


Condemnation can be best

When it procures a greater zest

Anger though for anger’s sake

Leaves only carnage in its wake

If what you want is greater peace

It goes to they who says the least

Power lives in mute command

Fear makes naught but shifting sand.

I’m rather fond of that one. On the other hand, I would never work in management again. Some seem to relish having power over others. Not I. I never understood it. Maybe if I could get the dog to come back off leash but that’s all the power I need. AND the Power Of Love, both versions. Power steering as well. Ok, I’m a glutton for power and will rule over you all with a fist or iron. Get your bribes in now while the rates are still reasonable!

Go do good things!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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