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You Make Me Simile

Another beautiful weekend before us! Limitless possibilities for adventure and self discovery! I for one will be snuggling with the pup with little to no chance of leaving the house except for walks. That is Tolkien- level adventure, I’m aware. It’s been a surprisingly busy week.:)

In hindsight I consider today’s poem as being rather hilarious. At the time however, it was a glorious outlet for my O so righteous fury.

I didn’t really have a point initially but here it is; people are almost certainly going to treat you horribly at times. It is unavoidable, people are the worst. BUT, it’s our (see: your) responsibility to find an appropriate manner of dealing with it. Psychotic rage, functional alcoholism, all the other exulting but ultimately self-destructive character flaws we love so much, none are going to be of any use to you. When it comes to these types of matter I personally have found it advantageous to try creating something new rather than to destroy something already existing. Not so much hangovers and/ or regret, more like a painting or some delusional scribblings, for instance.

“Faces”, May 19, 2018

Disingenuous human trash

Long overdue for ugly crash

The serpent’s garden’s now the world

Like Fall acorns their anger’s squirreled

Buried about throughout the land

Self-righteousness so very grand

If ever though pointed within

Perhaps would fade arrogant grin.

I wasn’t going to publish this initially but the squirrel line won we over. I’m likely biased due to my love of animals but it’s still solid simileing. I’m quite sure that’s a verb. Don’t look it up.

I should also mention that people can always be the best. Sometimes the fact that life is so cruelly paradoxical is stupidly annoying.

Best to all of you! Remember, if you favor it, to guard against adventure’s perils. Wildebeest rampages can be a common hazzard this time of year. Fellow hermits, watch for blood clots and try to eat a fruit or something.

With great affection.

-Alex Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Squirrels are the best. We’ve got half a dozen that eat seeds in the back. I setup an obstacle course, a tightrope with strings and cans and challenges. We called it the “squircus.” Fascinating agility and cleverness.

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