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Black Holes

Good morning glorious companions! My mammalian friends and I sure hope to find you all stupendously well! Just a touch humid out there today, like a Sprite Cool Zone that’s been demon possessed.

I have something slightly different from the norm. Usually I structure each poem’s lines as 7,8,9 or 10 syllables. No reason for it other than it seems to flow more naturally that way. I went for 12 this time around. It actually took me a few times during the recording process below to get the rhythm proper. It still wasn’t totally right but Catherine was giving me the please walk me eyes plus I was getting bored anyway. I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Seeking inspiration the other night I found myself gazing upon the various pieces of artwork in my home. I have been obscenely lucky in my acquisitions, mainly one particular family member bringing something back whenever she travels. Christmas and birthday presents, childhood mementos, the occasional purchase of my own and a well timed divorce all saw the collection swell. Now the walls are ubiquitously plastered with beauty, it’s a fantastic reminder when it’s sometimes lacking internally.

Ya so anyway, gazing around at the various works it struck me how much more these were than the base materials that formed their molecular structures. What’s the expression, greater than the sum of its parts? Even as some of those parts are simultaneously both invisible and directly before your eyes. Reconcile that!

Framed, May 29, 2018

Nothing at all but the canvas and the colors

Yet each one is still quite diverse from the others

So much greater than the mere parchment etched upon

All the years practicing, so it could be drawn

Generally speaking if you take the brief time

You may remark the normal is really sublime

Just the ingredients, alone cannot dictate

Any object’s truth or its corresponding fate.

I threw in a few commas to try to help denote the proper rhythm. I’m sure it’s not nearly as helpful as I envisioned but I tried. As promised the audio is immediately below. Spoilers, I recorded it yesterday. Enjoy!

Wasn’t that deliciously tedious. You may experience mild indigestion later.

Well we’re out of here! As usual my gratitude is extreme! Towards you I mean. In this instance anyway. Man I can’t even say goodbye normally…:) Orangutan!

-Alex Blaikie

I always write the titles now once I finish the article. Today’s being extra obtuse I thought an explanation would be good form. Black holes are invisible but their existence is proven by the demonstrable effects they impose upon surrounding objects. I like that. Neat and extrapol(re)latable. Jeez, a ban pun within an already made up word. Even I’M embarrassed by that one!

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I read the poem silently and liked it, then listened to your recording. It gained even more from hearing you voice it. The rhyming lends appeal, too. Great work.

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  2. After recently relocating from a city with a population of around 5 million people to a small town of about 40k, you can probably imagine how the second half of this piece of yours hits the spot for me. Brilliantly said!

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