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“To flee, or not to flee”

Is it Friday again already? Not having had a vacation in several years, I may never return to normal human work again! Then again, I haven’t been overly successful monetizing my brain, or my body for that matter, so perhaps maintaining the status quo for now would be appropriate.

I think the heat may finally be starting to get to me a tad. I WAS wonderfully prolific yesterday in the poetry realm but they are all rather peculiar. That said, I’m still somewhat fond of all of them in a quasi- damaged, not entirely health way.

I believe today’s release is a theme that’s been touched on before in a more serious context. Regardless, it’s one that I believe in strongly and is worthy of a revisit. Plus I really like some of the lines.

“Busted Eggshells”, May 31, 2018

Shattered ambitions can still be reborn

Put from mind the bitter outsider’s scorn

Fit the biggest pieces back together

Broken dreams are hardly gone forever

Scrape your fresh corpse from off the jagged rocks

First shoo off the gulls and that one cute fox

You may not recover all of the scraps

But the framework vision sure needs not lapse

That graceful Humpty Dumpty’s engineers

Likely should have chosen other careers.

I mean come on, it sounds to me like they just didn’t try all that hard to put him back together. I’m sensing some sort of inside plot. Hamlet-style y’all.

For the record, the first draft was way weirder still than the finished product. At least I omitted the carrion birds.:)

Friday Wisdom; be blessed, don’t get too messed, remember to stay dressed. At least in public anyway.

One Love.

-Alex Blaikie



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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I like your “fresh” take on life. I just now noticed your followed my site and I want to say In case I have yet to tell you  Thank you so much for following my blog! I am new to blogging, so my site is a work in progress…hehe! I hope you’ll always find something there that will brighten you day. I will post anything that is related to hope, happiness, kindness, courage, self-esteem, self-care, sense of purpose, serenity, etc., etc. I will include photos, songs, videos, articles, original musings, top-10 lists, etc. Having said that, it’s time for me to go see what your site is all about. Happy blogging!


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  2. thanks for going though my blog!
    feeling honored that a person like you chose to read it…
    and yes, loved the humpty dumpty reference 🙂
    thanks again!

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