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“Prom=Life, A Metawhore”

It’s becoming increasingly difficult attempting to come up with a different greeting every day. Please insert whatever pleasantry you consider as being most ingratiating. Much obliged!

I experienced a fantastic surge of creativity yesterday, managing to mostly restock a somewhat dwindling poetic arsenal. I’m very pleased with the quality of the results. There is a definitive comic twist to much of it but I’ve never exactly considered that a downside.

This piece went through a few iterations with respect to its title. Despite the original inspiration of just babbling about life the context took a weird and rather distinctive turn, particularly at its close. We can discuss it further afterwards, no spoilers!

“Are We Dancer”, June 2, 2018

Every second passing is a fresh chance

Rise up out of your chair and join in the dance

Putting up high walls will not success hasten

Unless of course, you’re working as a mason

Divest all fear like a portfolio dud

Invest your sweat and perhaps even some blood

Nothing worth doing is ever too easy

Except your prom date who was a touch sleazy.

As always you’ll notice I kept that prom date gender nice and neutral! I’m an equal opportunity slut-shamer! That is in fact wildly apocryphal, I resolutely stand behind all sluts, (better momentum), prudes and everything in between. No shame here. Except my own of course.:)

Reverting to the title, it is a quote of a quote which I am now quoting. Quoteception! Originally it was a Hunter Thompson line regarding raising a generation of dancers. Transcendent writer, terrible person. This was then modified by The Killers for their song, “Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?’. I don’t love the song but then again it’s often impossible to get everything right.

I don’t where the line about the masons came from but I legit laughed when I thought of it. That is a rarity but it was just so random and even now I’m somewhat giggling imagining what everyone’s reactions were/ are. If anyone still knows what a mason is, of course.

My dear friends, I am so blessed to enjoy your readership. Please enjoy whatever weekend you have remaining to you. May your mind be at peace and your ambient temperature at a level of relative comfort!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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