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Gratitude and The Cosmic Rainbow Octopus

First of all, Andy, thank you so much for your donation yesterday! Without amazing people like you I wouldn’t have nearly as much time to put this nonsense together. Can you even imagine how much more it would suck then?:)

A big shout out as well to everyone who was able to visit me on Twitter. I really appreciate your taking the time.

If, for any reason, I should also be expressing gratitude towards you, and I’m sure there is, please consider yourself so ingratiated!

Moving on! Today’s piece is fairly self-explanatory. A plight we can all sympathize with. Outside of I suppose, the elderly and methamphetamine dependent. For the record I don’t think anyone is dependent upon the elderly. Just the meth. To be clear. Enjoy!

“Meerkat”, June 1, 2018

One half awake the other now asleep

Exhaustion’s powers swift over you creep

Sluggish in thought and in movement as well

Crystalline vapors which no one may quell

Stolen awareness soon to be returned

Once slumber’s drowsy influence is spurned

Just seconds later comes a piercing squeal

Glance at the clock, its been ten hours for real.

I would imagine the ability to sleep ten hours is a rarity but it seemed like a nice round number. I called it Meerkat because the way they pop up and down reminds of how it feels sometimes shifting in and out of awareness late in the evening when perhaps you should have already thrown in the towel. Such bleariness can help produce some of my more amusing first drafts. Some even salvageable in the light of day!

May the Cosmic Rainbow Octopus wave his many arms toward you. Long May He Waaave! (That part is sort of like chanted/ sung, cool?). It would seem the morning is also more than capable of producing, I’m going to go with, anomalous, scribblings. Good times.

I am much obliged, fair visitor. Please see previous message re: Cosmic Rainbow Octopus.

-Alex Blaikie

Long May He Waaave.


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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