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Somer(as)sault and Batteries

Good afternoon opposable thumbed ones and friends! First of all, whatever you’re worried about, don’t sweat it girl, you’re totally pulling it off! Don’t fret gentlemen, you are likely to survive as well.

Another slightly aberrant writing today. I’ll explain the “concept” (loose interpretation) afterwards.

(-), May 28

Sorrow is as sorrow does

Drawing others in because

Misery loves making friends

Darkening the brighter trends

Sadness is like gravity

Pulling others into thee

Morose Earthen tractor beams

Sometimes all’s just as it seems.

Reverse course and pull away

Banish sadness for today

We’re the captains of our ships

It’s on us, plan your own trips

Seek out more like minded friends

Don’t worry who this offends

You’re beholden to no one

Vanish dark, embrace the Sun.

(+), June 1, 2018

OK, do not actually embrace the Sun. Or any sun for that matter. Please DO embrace your sons. As long as it is an appropriate time to do so.

[The preceding paragraph is not to be used against me at a later time.]

So… it’s supposed to be a battery? Does that make sense? I don’t really know why but was one half was so negative and the other the complete inverse. Both are however necessary otherwise your Gameboy won’t work! Anyway, just made sense as a battery, if that makes any sense. The two halves were, as you may have remarked, composed on separate days. They seemed to go together though. Sometimes these things just happen.

Yesterday’s headache is proving more redoubtable than one would have hoped so I’m going to leave you now for the furry ministrations of my familiars. Snuggles Y’ALL.

Be happy you frisky otters!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Again loved the imagery in this, and this spoke to me today as was feeling a little morose. Needed some reverse thinking to focus on the positive. Should be some puns there but can’t quite grasp them at the moment. Hope your headache is soothe by those you love.

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