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Please Don’t Feed the Writers!

Merry afternoon loving readers! Please know I’m marginally shy of being arrogant enough to believe that you love the writing, just that presumably you love someone or something within your realm of whatever. And that you can read.

Love is a tough commitment, I hear you, what I’m willing to offer is that I definitely love your comments. Love hearing from you all!:) I need to be less of a creeper and comment more often the stuff I read. I just really like Radiohead is all…

I’ve been watching too many documentaries about criminal profiling again. Such an engaging topic. Especially at its outset when the notion was so looked down upon by traditional police forces yet then proved to be so effective. Hey, I get it. Nobody likes change. Even our friendly neighborhood vagrants are expressing a preference for bills these days.

The psychology behind those who would commit murder fascinates me. Yes, their despicable acts are of interest but even more so is why. Genetics combined with childhood through adolescent experiences would be the conventional wisdom but I mean on a more existential plane. Theoretically, the recipe to manufacture a serial killer is to take someone already genetically predisposed at birth then have them horribly abused during their youth. Obviously that would be disgustingly unethical but sadly occurs in, shall we say, more organic labs every day. All of that said, what actually sparks it? Certainly that scenario would dramatically raise the odds but the end result is a broad spectrum. There are plenty of psychopaths who never murder and survivors of childhood abuse living fulfilling, wonderful adult-hoods. No one knows or will likely ever be able to determine the answer to my question. Lame, bro.

By the way my new favorite word is “hyperboreal”. It means extremely cold, (according to several of the dictionaries I consulted, others didn’t have it making me believe it’s not a Real real word but it’s close enough for me given its other intangibles…), is phonetically pleasant and, most importantly, sounds like the attack a higher level Pokemon would feature. Definitely no greater than 5 PP. Maybe even a recharge though that totally ruins it.

Hyperboreal Case Files,

Sherlock Holmes, Poirot nor esteemed Scotland Yard

None could decipher vexing riddle so hard

Infinite pieces no corners or edges

Nature and nurture’s what science alleges

But how are these dark seeds first planted within

What decides when or if their growth should begin

Is predisposition only other cause

Conflates with trauma to morality pause

Perhaps a more insidious influence

Shadow puppeteers beckon our confluence

Heroes can still commit grim atrocities

Or heavenly gifts from worst monstrosities.

No, there are no shadow puppeteers, but I really liked that line.

Then in the end it touches on the duality of man super briefly. I’m going to treat it here just as succinctly.

Thank you so much for making it to the end. All sorts of bizarre references and seedy nerd innuendo I know some will not understand and I do truly apologize. That certainly  is no indictment, rather you’re probably far better off. I had some coffee and haven’t guzzled from the black cauldron in months. There IS a sign up around my cage but sometimes I fool the park’s visitors into tossing granola bars and the occasional dark roast through the bars.

Please don’t feed bread to ducks, it is not healthy for them! They love defrosted peas, oats and corn. I like ducks, they waddle and such.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

18 replies

  1. As my wise brother-in-law Ian states… “we are all only 10 meals away from being savages!”

    ps. don’t pick on us friendly vagrants, we have learned to tame our savage instincts.

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    1. This post made me cry – will not go into all the details, but suffice it to say, “There but for the grace of God, go I”. In my line of work, I had daily contact with those whom society would label as ‘bad’ and yet they taught me to be humble, to appreciate what I had and to have faith.

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  2. You are right or rather correct, some of which you wrote today was difficult for me to follow, but like you I am fascinated by the criminal mind and their mix it up stew recipe, if only they worked in a butcher shop.

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  3. I quite like that “organic labs” phrase–it may end up in my vocabulary.

    If you enjoy serial killer things, I suggest “Devil in the White City”–it’s both a history about the Chicago World’s Fair and H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer.

    And, as always, I’ve enjoyed reading another poem of yours.

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    1. It’s all yours. I wa struggling trying to think of a way to describe the concept and the perfect thing just popped into my head:) love it when hat happens! DITWC is fantastic! HH is as sinister as he is fascinating. I think why’re making a movie out of it. I believe it is my second favourite true crime book next to Il Mostro. Thanks so much!

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  4. Bit late to the party I see, did I miss anything? As to murderers and serial killers, I think nature plays far less a part than nurture. Every military in the world, and many police forces (anything with SWAT) construct serial killers through training. I am not saying this to bash them (I am a US Navy veteran myself) but it seems quite clear that anyone except those with Gandhi or Buddha levels of enlightenment and moral strength can be trained deliberately to kill, so it doesn’t seem such a stretch for them to be trained accidentally. I wonder if the whole argument about genetic predisposition exists purely out of human desires to avoid responsibility for treating people badly.

    As an aspiring writer and poet, I will toss you a couple snickers bars in the hope that you might do so in turn.

    Your rhythms are interesting. I haven’t been satisfied with my attempts at eleven syllable lines, but you make it work well.

    Is your format of prose, then poem, then more prose something pretty common among wordpress or other bloggers and poets? does your cat have nine toes? why is there air? I am but a young babe exploring these dark and scary woods, could you tell me which way the birds that were eating my breadcrumbs went?

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