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“Motley Bru”

Greetings intrepid wanderers and those of a more stationary ilk. I hope to find all in relative wellness. If not, then a swift return to such a state!

We eclipsed “neighborhood day” or whatever it was called recently. Living in an apartment building my neighbors are plentiful and for the most part quite lovely. They can however be attributed various amusing quirks and other sundry characteristics. They are of course people after all.

The funny thing is that it’s really the dog who makes all our friends. She meets them while playing on the patio and then reintroduces herself when out on walks. I think literally every person who I talk to in this building was precipitated by her.

A fun little piece today on one of my more colorful compatriots. The individual in question favors metal exclusively within the musical realm. Not metal where the enthusiasts sport darkened attire but rather the more upbeat 80’s varietal.

“Jump!”, April 26, 2018

Chaos thrumming from down below

Pulsating bass shakes and echoes

Electric cords strum high notes true

They’re chiming in and out on cue

Rumbling thunder you feel within

Lightning brain is set to begin

Seems to me that if a hair band

Made some profits, perhaps I can!

To be fair I had a pretty bad headache that day which is why I was a particularly affected. The bass was syncing up with the pulsing pain within my skull. Good times.

That is the very last piece I currently have in my stash. my habits have been wildly mercurial of late. Write like 4 poems in a day and then no more for a week. It has been becoming increasingly difficult but that’s because I insist upon not recycling rhymes. Don’t get me wrong it happens all the time, I don’t remember what I’ve written but whenever possible. Don’t worry, I have plenty of ideas just have to knit them together into something a tad more cohesive.

I do find the last line of the poem to be vaguely inspiring. I feel like if a bunch of dudes in skin-tight pants with absurd bird-nest hair and ludicrous makeup can find a legit market I should hopefully be able to as well. Remains to be seen. I AM going to start wearing tighter shirts, perhaps that will help.

Go with Dog my friends.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Re “To be fair I had a pretty bad headache that day which is why I was a particularly affected” – has it occurred to you that the dang ‘music’ is what CAUSED your headache in the first place? Geez, I think I got a headache just via your poem describing the cacophony! 😀

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