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I keep hearing the word disenfranchised everywhere. Whether as its original connotation of denying someone voting privileges or the more evolved, general deprivation of rights it just seems wrong definitionally. Not in terms of morality though I would imagine it rather is. Instead it seems to me to be more of the word one should use when a defunct Harvey’s reopens as a Romanian bakery. Tell me I’m wrong.

The other thought of crushing urgency, besides whether a werewolf on the moon is always a werewolf, has to do with the term oxymoron. Doubtless a fun word from all sorts of angles. My consideration though is whether its definition could stretch to include actions as well. For instance, turning left but with your right signal on. Or is simply the traditional epithet of just moron itself adequate?

Today’s actual topic is an interesting one. While I personally never experienced it first hand, human-styles, though I suppose I was the original destroyer in my own family. As the middle of 3 boys I never knew a time when it was only me and my parents. In fact, as the years went by, such a proposition became increasingly terrifying. Kids are dumb though. I mean, innocent and recklessly loving. And dumb. I would imagine my older brother was less excited about my arrival than others. For me, I see it as hurtful glances from my generally senile cat when cuddling with the dog. I try to give her special pets but the reality is that a new addition to any family is going to take, if not precedence, than at the least decreased attention for those already in residence.

I do actually have a specific memory after my brother broke his femur when we all were youngins. Every week or two my mom (and dad I just happen to remember mom in my only memory glimpse) would take only me out for lunch. Burger King I think. New-ish baby and older child bed-ridden, I still remember their taking care to ensure I didn’t think I was overly latch-key. To be honest, I don’t recall such a feeling anyway so either it was effective or score, I got free fast food absent the requisite mental torment. Boo ya!

Bundle of Annoy, June 14, 2018

Following a glowing mommy giving birth

All are overflowing with ecstatic mirth

But existing little ones may be dismayed

The lessened attentions they’re now being paid

As new additions are tended zealously

Eyes shine out of dark corners jealously

Cats and children cannot comprehend logic

Has effects little beyond just hypnogogic

Never forget, show unique affection

Exile potential feelings of rejection.

First, another new favorite word, hypnogogic. Just means soporific but SO much more fun to say!

I wrote that early this morning before going back to bed after tending the beasts. I’m ok with it. Poetry for me is like getting a haircut, takes me a day or two before I usually like it.:)

Go with Dog. (This may be my preferred farewell for a time. I’m somewhat fond of it and conveniently do actually consider it as superlative advice.)

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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