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“Sorting Cat(herine)”

I must say, I’m starting to feel a bit like the Sorting Hat, delivering warnings in the form of rhyme. Granted I’ve nowhere near the prestige of such an auspicious artifact. One day I hope to have even greater ambitions than matching the charisma of a fictional accessory.

Today’s “warning” may seem as though it’s pointed towards someone in particular and I suppose in some ways it is. That said, it’s really intended as a broader statement to fit a number of characters past, present and sadly, little doubt of future as well.

“Speaker Systems”, (June 17, 2018)

Voices imbued to sound mellifluous

Trait considered by some superfluous

Carries more weight than it ever did mass

Transcending most genders, races and class

The words now themselves scarcely relevant

Figure in question growing revenant

Abandoning all reason for feeling

Only leads to societies reeling

Ask questions and read, don’t just feel the tone

Last thing we need’s another mindless drone.

The ongoing weaponization of truth is a massive burr in my side. Such a practice of proliferating disinformation is particularly insidious because it corrupts otherwise good persons into favoring opinions they likely would not have otherwise. We are all ultimately responsible for the quality of our own knowledge intake but people are stupid and that for sure is doubtful to change anytime soon.

My favorite part is “carries more weight than it ever did mass”. Scientifically inaccurate but quite pleasing in a poetic context.

Thanks for stopping in today, visiting me and Cat,

We’ll not forget your kindness or I’m no Sorting Hat.

Great affection!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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