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Always Kiss your Ma!

All sorts of fun on the docket today! Let’s, for the most part, ignore the World being on fire and take a few moments to reconnect with a more base reality. Me complaining about my best friend. 🙂

First though, a delectable factoid I ran across yesterday. I was reading about the tale of The Minotaur, why not… when I struck upon the fact that Ariadne, (King Minas’ daughter), giving Theseus a ball of yarn so he could find his way back out of the labyrinth is from where a modern term was derived. Specifically, “clue”, which is what a ball of yarn was known as at that time. Leading, obviously, to its use in modern vernacular. Cool, no? You’re welcome Parker Brothers! (Board-game manufacturers, not my high school chums.)

Moving on! A brief slice of adorable for you via today’s work. I’m not going to preface beyond the ball of yarn I already handed forth in the introductory paragraph. Enjoy!

“Dear Ol’ Maw”, June 19, 2018

A sickening scent’s apotheosis

My furry, fuzzball’s rank halitosis

Could even fell lifelong dumpster raccoons

And I’ve the grande pleasure in my own rooms

Add in gasping heat from the panting maw

Epic stench burn throats and/ or noses raw

Hazmat has even visited my door

Still need to clean their bodies off the floor

Lucky for me, most of our sleep snuggles

I’m big spoon thus avoiding said struggles.

I really should alert the Hazmat office regarding their downed team. They’re beginning to rival existing odors…

Another note from The Minotaur that I especially reasonated was that problems appearing to have no discernible solutions can often be solved by the simplest means. I’ve witnessed this practice in reality and whenever possible it does seem to trend towards being the most desirable option.

With that I shall bid you adieu once more. Be mindful of your own labyrinth, I understand Bowie is living there full-time now. Goblin King y’all.

Go with Dog, my friends.

-Alex Blaikie


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