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Questionable Sniffing

Alas, the fateful day finally arrived that I returned to work. Actually, it was a fantastic first day and I’m really excited about how amazing this company seems going forward. Super-psyched about what I’m seeing and hearing. Why do you care? Well, I’ll inevitably be left with less time for writing. I do hope, at a minimum, to publish new work every other day but I should be able to continue sharing fresh content most afternoons or evenings.

Our discussion today revolves around a topic of breathtaking importance. You won’t see it in the biased media but it likely plays at least a minor role in your daily existence. For me, I was especially blessed such that this particular problem is indeed of critical annoyance. It does periodically impact where I decide to go.

“Le Pue”, June 23, 2018

Considered by far too many ancillary

Attending to vital matters sanitary

Specifically a lot of you kind of stink

Even more and even worse than most care to think

There are myriad reasons for which humans smell

Exercising, diet but poor hygiene as well

If you can’t control it of course that’s fair enough

But just too lazy to shower? Bro do you huff?

Glue-sniffing’s pretty close to a valid reason

Particularly in current warmest season

Now I know surely why there’s more truth and less joke

To why more inhabitants of big cities smoke.

I have a fairly good sense of smell and ever since I quit smoking years ago I’ve been hyper-cognizant to offensive aromas. Like previously mentioned if it’s a medical or cultural thing I will tolerate in respectful silence. However, ff you’re simply a gross dumpster-person, well I’ll still remain silent but I may write extremely passive aggressive poetry about you. So there.

Thank you so much dear people and also ignorant mammals also gazing upon the screen. Go do something that makes you happy! Please do follow the more important rules of man and “God”.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I, too, am hyper-aware of offensive odors. It’s difficult enough when enclosed on a public train among those who cannot afford good hygiene, but far worse somehow when among those who clearly have more money than time to shower regularly. 😵

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  2. As another ex-smoker, I share your aversion to offensive smells! I am SO sensitive to the smell of smoke now; it’s almost inconceivable to me that I used to inhale that stuff constantly! Ugh!

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