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“The Million Baller Man”

Happy Friday esteemed Humans! Canadians, happy Canada Day long weekend! Americans, be patient, the 4th is imminent. Other nationalities, I’m sorry that I don’t know more about your culture or society. I’ll try harder next year!

I’m very pleased with how this piece fleshed out. It does sound sort of like I’m discussing sobriety, which could very well be a function of the actual topic, but think bigger. Yes, I recycled the titular pun, it amused me too much and fit the poem too well not to use in both instances.

“The Million Baller Man”, June 27, 2018

Evolving cluster nebulous

Render mortal incredulous

Upstairs fog won’t dissipate

By the time you anticipate

Doesn’t burn off in midday Sun

Accumulation tends to stun

Raise up a window in your mind

Have acrid mist an exit find

Vacuum out dusty cranium

Now your will’s pure Titanium.

I like it. Upbeat, some good rhymes, wholesome message, that’s about what I’m shooting for most days.

Mind-mist has numerous sources; intoxicants, lack of sleep, depression and many, many more. I can’t tell you what your mental-vacuum is, or will be comprised of but all of us need something. For many, it’s no more complicated than a cup of coffee or twelve. Others find such dispersion to be rather more taxing. Still… exercise, meditation, friends, movies, music, ANYTHING (hard drugs and alcohol excluded…). Find whatever possesses the greatest efficacy in banishing cobwebs and remember to maintain appropriate upkeep.

Thanks so much, as always, for your amazing viewrship! In your absence this would be a vastly depressing exercise!

May the fates smile and birds never defecate upon you! 🙂

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I like it. Had to read it twice, mind you… that’s okay, I have to read *everything* twice these days. Sigh. Anyway, but then it was like a light went on, and pierced my dusty cranium. Btw my mind-mist doesn’t dissipate till after my morning coffee, and even *then*…

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