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Morning y’all! My day is packed tighter than an Asian subway so instead of the usual drivel I’m going to share a couple reworked pieces. They are all from the “early days” directly following the website’s inception. For the few of you to whom they are already quasi-familiar your loyalty, attention to detail and memory are indeed commendable!


Condemnation can be best

When it procures a greater zest

Anger though for anger’s sake

Leaves only carnage in its wake

If what you want is greater peace

It goes to they who says the least

Power lives in mute command

Fear makes naught but shifting sand.

Britta Perry

The persons most inclined to lead

Are often those worst to succeed

The qualities you tend to find

Are not the nectar just the rind

If real change is what you seek

Look not within that tortured clique

Like vampires in mirrors they see

No reflections, just money.


Occultists of every stripe

Insanity of endless types

Tend to muddy the waters clear

Claim great distance to objects near

Looking past gleaming candour fake

Causes their knees and teeth to quake

No way to question logic true

Rationalize and they’ll leave you.


These shades of blue, there are a few

They hurtle through creation true

To unweave as creators drew

A milky, frothing, cosmic brew.

With that I must be on my way but I do so appreciate your clicking by for a visit. Y’all come back now y’hear!

Peace, love and hearty cream sauce pastas for all!

-Alex Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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