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“thunder-cloud buttress of self-delusion”

Some pretty exciting news first off, I am officially working a series of paid freelance gigs. Turns out there are a multitude of companies in need of ghost written articles on a myriad of topics. The pay is adequate though my name won’t appear on most of the work. Doesn’t matter to me, money is the paramount outcome of this equation. Baby-bird sized hobbles in the right direction. Maybe even adult bird sized! 🙂

One of my all-time favorite pieces to share today. A fun one I half composed in my head while promenading poochy. Upon returning home I was able to recall a morsel with which to reconstruct the majority. Enjoy!


While walking the dog in the rain

On fascinating sights we came

The pinprick drops into the lake

‘Til turgid waters overtake

Rivulets stream down off the leaves

Niagara Falls from out the eaves

Trees still mostly naked provide

Little shelter with which to hide

Huge puddles barricade our way

She leaps better than I these days

Watching clouds from down below

Their fluffy visions proudly show

The smell of rain truly profound

Conflating wet with windy, ground

Fence posts gathering moisture much

Cheap umbrella folds in the clutch

Eventually comes to pass

You lose concern for your drenched ass

Letting go in downpour’s vital

To achieve this poem’s title.

I can still very much picture parts of that walk in my mind. Likely at some point I’ll be recalling them in a pseudo-depressed nostalgic fashion, no doubt in sepia tones. Still, one of those perfect moments in life. An honest shaft of sunlight pierces your own thunder-cloud buttress of self-delusion (not covered until grad-level engineering) for all to be laid bare before you. See who you are at the lowest common denominator and accept and LOVE the flawed, sickly, demi-human strewn aground before you. (S)He’s not thaaat bad. I mean, I wouldn’t go away for a weekend with them but you get it.

I fervently wish you perfect health, unblemished happiness and your desired quantity of cute dudes and/ or chicks.

One love,


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Congratulations on the freelance work, trying to branch out in that way myself but not sure I’m organised enough. Anywise, loved Serenity and am impressed you remembered it to write it down and recall that moment in the well written last paragraph. Of such dreams are made!

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    1. I do occasionally ditch the rhyme scheme but it’s such a huge part of what makes it in for me. At this point I’m preferring more of a comedic twist and rhyming goes nicely with such a tenor. Plus I just love uncovering bizarre but perfect matches.

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