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It’s Been Awhile

Since I’ve seen the way, the candles light your face… Amazing song, “It’s Been Awhile”, by Staind. Don’t allow the lame band name to scare you off of one the greatest singles of all time. For sure, that’s a long list but what do I/ you care? It’s topical to my procrastination and the tone of today’s poem.

I wrote this late last week on a day that lacked the accustomed amazingness. These things happen. What can you do? Sometimes work is hard, relationships tedious and all of life’s rains of tediousness temporarily transform into monsoons while you happen to be riding a jet-ski super fast. That shit stings yo.

“Lessons Spurned”, July 26, 2018

How swiftly are you thrown a turn

Still seemingly to never learn

To know that bliss is fugitive

And in the end flips punitive

Whether or not to be reclaimed

This twilight form is always maimed

In places strength’s ten thousand walls

Others easily concede thralls

As hardened steel we’ll not be harmed

But nor can you ever live charmed.

I haven’t much time for a debrief so I’ll let y’all to draw whatever conclusions you so chose. A few fun suggestions; zombies (always good), allegory to Planet of the Apes (pourquoi pas?) or The Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers, EXCEPT the hobbits are porcupine(s?) and Shadowfax is played by and as a middle-aged, New Jersey house wife.

Happy Trails and Wagging Tails, (latter’s still there when all else fails). 🙂

-Alex Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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