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The Antithetical Purge

Good evening dear field mice, it is so courteous of you to visit me for your obligatory head bopping. Much obliged. …Hmm working this through it seems I’m Little Bunny Fru-Fru in this allusion. Less ideal.

Moving on, let’s check the big board. OK, step one would be acquiring a board of any size, preferably “big”. I’ll speak with the production staff. We’ll have to hire some of them first as well.

A thought, a few loose screws are still better than no screws at all. This is not intended to be sexually explicit. For the record. Though I suppose the principle still functions similarly.

I’m not publishing any poem today, still reworking to transform lead into lead of a marginally better quality. Maybe it’ll be shinier or something.

So Canada, it seems as though we’ve irked “The Kingdom”. Let’s be honest here, Saudi human rights abuses are not exactly clandestine in nature. I do not like writers being locked up for questioning power, particularly when religion is involved. As a secular individual I despise the notion of being forced to participate in an activity I fully consider balderdash. The idea that innocent people are executed and imprisoned for questioning such principles is abhorrent. I’m hardly one of those super aggressive atheists, I don’t bring it up in conversation, religion does not make me angry. Everyone has a right to live as they see fit, assuming said right does not infringe upon those of others. Organized Religion is not in possession of a good track record in that regard. Like everyone else they have seen fit to murder, steal and commit every other sin under the Sun to further their own ambitions. Humanity pretty much always trumps piety over time.

My point is this, Saudi Arabia, you are correct in that there is nothing we can do about the sickening atrocities you commit in the name of your Country, Government and God. I however am cheered that we said anything at all. The Earth’s track record on halting (or “God”-help us, even acknowledging) preventable large-scale human tragedy is not exactly fantastic either…

And with that insanely happy thought I will bid you adieu. Let’s all make a commitment not to murder anyone before tomorrow huh? That would at least be a start.


-Alex Blaikie




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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I am prouder than ever to be Canadian!!!! And for those who say we’re not perfect either (re First Peoples) I can only say at least we acknowledge ut, we’ve apologized big time, paid some restitution and we’re trying now to do better!!!

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